What to do

I have written to you A text to send Things to say But if I send it It will hurt us I don’t want that And yet I am hurt already


If you do not stop When I ask you to stop Then I will not stop Saying it has to stop If you carry on Being bleak on and on Then I will go on As we need to get on If we can be kind See each other as kind A much better kind…


They had me Doubled me up Would not let me go I sobbed Helpless Wracked Tears streaming I ached And shook With turbulent spasms Useless I stumbled Cause forgotten Irrelevant Tiny I begged For respite Crumpled Exhausted I cried Oh release me laughter!


Scrambled thinking. Eyes closed. Wild, tangled, incoherent images. Stop. Breathe. Drunk? Drugged? No. Cannot hold a thought. Careering round, here, there. Spinning. Breathe. Chattering. Snippets slicing. Flashes ricocheting. Lights. Eyes closed. Sleep.


She hurts Inside Of her pain She cannot tell Her skin Is her voice Inside Crying help I would Rather not Be writing These things But when She is close It helps To let it out

Limerick – Nice man

A noisy young man from Nice Decided to travel to Greece As he shouted I’ve started And loudly departed His neighbours looked forward to peace


I went to the gym and did some stretches. I went to the gym, did some stretches and lifted some weights. I went to the gym, did some stretches, lifted some weights and ran on the treadmill. I went to the gym, did some stretches, lifted some weights, ran on the treadmill and did some…


Delighted to be home, he sped from the house with the dog on its lead. School shorts, bare legs, not a care. Turning left careering down hill, he flew full of joy along the pavement. Unable to hesitate at the kerb, his leaping stride fast and perilous, his footing buckled. Forward he fell, the gravelled…

Free as a child

He had an early memory of wanting to grow up in order to escape the rules. The belief was that he was confined by age and when older would be released. Only then would he be able to do as he pleased. Shamefully, he still thinks this way, even though adulthood arrived many years ago….

I can see them

I can see them outside. I can see them swinging, swaying, rhythmic then clumsy. I watch them a while. The dog watches too, his breath thick at my side. He wants to go out. I push the door ajar and he runs through, but startled by a sudden movement is back. They are nameless, anonymous….