If you do not stop When I ask you to stop Then I will not stop Saying it has to stop If you carry on Being bleak on and on Then I will go on As we need to get on If we can be kind See each other as kind A much better kind…


Scrambled thinking. Eyes closed. Wild, tangled, incoherent images. Stop. Breathe. Drunk? Drugged? No. Cannot hold a thought. Careering round, here, there. Spinning. Breathe. Chattering. Snippets slicing. Flashes ricocheting. Lights. Eyes closed. Sleep.


She hurts Inside Of her pain She cannot tell Her skin Is her voice Inside Crying help I would Rather not Be writing These things But when She is close It helps To let it out


Delighted to be home, he sped from the house with the dog on its lead. School shorts, bare legs, not a care. Turning left careering down hill, he flew full of joy along the pavement. Unable to hesitate at the kerb, his leaping stride fast and perilous, his footing buckled. Forward he fell, the gravelled…


I’m getting in my wardrobe Because I want to hide I know it will be cosy When I am inside I need to feel the cloth About my naked self I know this really is Amazing for my health I do it everyday It’s such a massive help Sitting in the wardrobe Perching on a…

In the bag

Newbie on the bus New shoes in the bag First day Anxiety welling First lunch break Banana in the bag Need a clear head Fogged up On the bus going home Day one in the bag Feeling mighty pleased Oh sweet relief