I used to hold you close And feel your breath upon me But then you grew too big To carry, far too heavy I miss the feel of you But know you are still close I cannot grieve for what Is past, but loved the most

Jane and Pete

Jane and Pete went out to play They messed about for half a day Secretly they spent their time Ensuring it was quite sublime The secret of the two I keep For I am Jane and he was Pete


Is life mundane Or serious A fragment Or the whole Clear as day Or mysterious Enormous Or so small Too short To be of matter Too long To matter not Trivial So be careful Important More than what Life is mundane And serious The fragment And the whole Clear as day And mysterious Enormous Yet…

Limerick – Niece

My niece came round last week We played at hide and seek She took the lip gloss And the glue When found she could not speak

Free as a child

He had an early memory of wanting to grow up in order to escape the rules. The belief was that he was confined by age and when older would be released. Only then would he be able to do as he pleased. Shamefully, he still thinks this way, even though adulthood arrived many years ago….


Remember children it is not and never will be bad, to sit up late and read in bed the books that make you glad. Forget that it is later than you’ll sleep when quite grown-up, if happy and depend on it you should and must stay up. Remember then to read your book to midnight…