Limerick – Dame

There was on old theatre dame Whose memory was on the wane When panto began He declared I’m a man But I cannot remember my name!

Limerick – Mary

As Mary sat upon a chair She thought it quite contraire That while she stood And felt quite good The chair was always there

Limerick – Girl

There once was a girl from the West Who could play tunes with her chest She could hit the right pitch By rubbing her tits And strumming her fine stringy vest

Limerick – Fairy

Delilah was quiet and airy Preferring to act like a fairy When she guessed she could fly She murmured a cry While plunging to land in an eyrie

Limerick – Nice man

A noisy young man from Nice Decided to travel to Greece As he shouted I’ve started And loudly departed His neighbours looked forward to peace

Limerick – Niece

My niece came round last week We played at hide and seek She took the lip gloss And the glue When found she could not speak

Limerick – Dog

There once was a dog in the park He said can you see me, it’s dark When told to sit still He froze on the hill While fluidly leaving his mark