Limerick – Dame

There was on old theatre dame Whose memory was on the wane When panto began He declared I’m a man But I cannot remember my name!

Jane and Pete

Jane and Pete went out to play They messed about for half a day Secretly they spent their time Ensuring it was quite sublime The secret of the two I keep For I am Jane and he was Pete


They had me Doubled me up Would not let me go I sobbed Helpless Wracked Tears streaming I ached And shook With turbulent spasms Useless I stumbled Cause forgotten Irrelevant Tiny I begged For respite Crumpled Exhausted I cried Oh release me laughter!

Nothing to wear

Frock horror Slacks alarm Robe shock Pants almighty Shirt dread Tunic fright Sock panic Bare instead


Moods are strange and changeable Like waves they rise and fall One day can start untroubled And end against the wall Buoyant is our daily aim Keep jolly with the pain Beware a mood can drown you Be cheerful in the rain Be content and satisfied Not focused on a woe Rise above your moods…


Cannot do this anymore Crumpled broken on the floor With the shadows of the rain Streaming down the window pane Breaking loud within my soul Scraping licking out the bowl Trampled cracks in a tile Filling slowly with my bile Cannot listen anymore Focused mending wanting more Seeing blazing rays of light Streaming in to…

Limerick – Mary

As Mary sat upon a chair She thought it quite contraire That while she stood And felt quite good The chair was always there

To blog or not

To blog or not I ask you To write of what Again To say my thoughts Are rife Is true Enough of life

Limerick – Girl

There once was a girl from the West Who could play tunes with her chest She could hit the right pitch By rubbing her tits And strumming her fine stringy vest


If all is winter And I sleep Will birds know when to sing Will the sun light up the sky Or will it slowly sink If winter stays And I sleep on Will daffodils arrive Will bluebells stay below the ground Or will they start to rise If winter warms And I wake up Will…