What to do

I have written to you A text to send Things to say But if I send it It will hurt us I don’t want that And yet I am hurt already


If you do not stop When I ask you to stop Then I will not stop Saying it has to stop If you carry on Being bleak on and on Then I will go on As we need to get on If we can be kind See each other as kind A much better kind…

As I die

If you can watch me As I die You will know my joy As all of you Is all of me Your love has been my ploy


I used to hold you close And feel your breath upon me But then you grew too big To carry, far too heavy I miss the feel of you But know you are still close I cannot grieve for what Is past, but loved the most


Friday has come But not for long As days sail by So quickly A two day break Ahead of me To rest the mind And body

Forgive me

Please forgive me I have sinned And now I ask of you A thousand things You cannot know And judgement On my past Please forgive me When I cry And make the hurt so raw A thousand cries Is not enough I know that More each day Forgive me please My worst is done And…


Scrambled thinking. Eyes closed. Wild, tangled, incoherent images. Stop. Breathe. Drunk? Drugged? No. Cannot hold a thought. Careering round, here, there. Spinning. Breathe. Chattering. Snippets slicing. Flashes ricocheting. Lights. Eyes closed. Sleep.


Moods are strange and changeable Like waves they rise and fall One day can start untroubled And end against the wall Buoyant is our daily aim Keep jolly with the pain Beware a mood can drown you Be cheerful in the rain Be content and satisfied Not focused on a woe Rise above your moods…


Cannot do this anymore Crumpled broken on the floor With the shadows of the rain Streaming down the window pane Breaking loud within my soul Scraping licking out the bowl Trampled cracks in a tile Filling slowly with my bile Cannot listen anymore Focused mending wanting more Seeing blazing rays of light Streaming in to…


She hurts Inside Of her pain She cannot tell Her skin Is her voice Inside Crying help I would Rather not Be writing These things But when She is close It helps To let it out