My skin is rather funny
It is not white or black
Some days it has a shine
And then it can be matte

My skin is maybe pink
But not perhaps to you
Often there’s a spot
Or a funny hue

My skin is always there
To keep me warm and dry
It holds my insides in
And dampens when I cry

My skin is quite a matter
Because I have so much
I’d not exist without it
Nor could I feel your touch


Delighted to be home, he sped from the house with the dog on its lead. School shorts, bare legs, not a care. Turning left careering down hill, he flew full of joy along the pavement. Unable to hesitate at the kerb, his leaping stride fast and perilous, his footing buckled. Forward he fell, the gravelled surface tearing, the dog still running, pulling him along on his bloodied knees.
Scars tell a story.

Delighted, she immersed herself in the new life. Flying from home to work, from suit to apron, her full throttle approach winning admiration she craved. Applying pressure, straining to achieve more, the once joyous race soon became arduous. Second place was nothing to be proud of. She began to cheat, taking short cuts desperate to stay ahead. Guilty now, no longer her best, by degrees she sank. Pressured, strained, guilty, she ripped herself apart.
Scars tell a story.


I’m getting in my wardrobe
Because I want to hide
I know it will be cosy
When I am inside

I need to feel the cloth
About my naked self
I know this really is
Amazing for my health

I do it everyday
It’s such a massive help
Sitting in the wardrobe
Perching on a belt

The doctor says to stop
Don’t get in again
But now I know too well
The wardrobe is my den


I can’t abide the positive vibe that everybody spouts, I find it quite an irritant, indeed it gives me gout.

My daily ache is nothing but the pile of food I bake, because I can’t be troubled by the news I know is fake.

The moaning is a tragedy that makes us all depressed, if not for that I know we would be happier at best.

When smiling is the only thing to do that is a chore, then why not smile and laugh a bit to bother me some more.