I went to the shop to collect a parcel. At the till the girl politely asked if I had ordered anything nice, and then she glazed over.

Be clear

When you
are deep
But stop
at glib
Your words
fail to
Have depth

And you
cry help
As this
is how
You tell
me of
Your pain

The life
we lead
Will make
more sense
If lines
are clear
To read

The fear
is that
Our road
is blocked
With words
that have
No home


If you do not stop
When I ask you to stop
Then I will not stop
Saying it has to stop

If you carry on
Being bleak on and on
Then I will go on
As we need to get on

If we can be kind
See each other as kind
A much better kind
Will grow strong being kind

But this has to be
An agreement to be
Forever, so please
Be forgiving of me